Thanksgiving Catering Menu


Cheese Basket…$59.00   medium                                         -Stuffed Mushrooms…$14.95 per dozen

Antipasto Platter…$69.00   medium                                    -Mini rice balls w/mozz …$24 per dozen

Vegetable crudité…$49.00      Butternut squash and apple soup...$12.99 per qt    

Shrimp corn chowder soup-$13.99 per qt             

-Jumbo panko coconut shrimp, sweet chili sauce $36.00 per dozen

Mini honey glazed ham Sandwiches $36.00 per dozen (min 12 pcs)

(glazed spiral ham, cranberry sauce, melted mozzarella, mini brioche) 


Main course:

Whole turkey:

Roasted Turkey Whole on Platter or Hand Carved with Gravy in tray…$ 18.95 per person

Honey Glazed Ham:

Spiral Ham with Brown Sugar & Honey…$ 18.95 per person

Herb roasted Turkey Breast:

Turkey Breast Roasted & Sliced with Gravy…$ 19.95 per person

Roasted loin of Pork:

Roasted and slice boneless loin of…$19.95 per person.

Also Includes:

Home baked delicious Cornbread, Honey ginger Salad with Cranberries & cashews, Choice of Four Sides, & Homemade Cranberry Sauce, Gravy


-Baked Macaroni & Cheese, String Beans fresh tomato garlic, Creamed Spinach                                             -Vegetable Stuffing -Sweet Corn medley -Glazed Sweet Potatoes- Rice Pilaf

-Mashed Potatoes          Oven roasted potato                 -Steamed vegetable medley


-Fruit Platter…$ 59.00                                                    -Coconut custard pie…$ 18.95

-Homemade David’s Cookie Tray…$ 20.00                          2lb-Italian assorted cookie tray...$24.00            -Apple Pie…$ 18.95

        (Complete Paper Goods and serving utensils Included) 

           $20.00 Delivery charge and set up

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